Our vision is a world where the people experiencing homelessness are met with compassion. By sharing striking photos and personal stories, we hope to create a compassionate community of people who aim to advance the understanding of the harsh realities our houseless neighbors face every day.

Our Purpose

Empathy is essential to solving the problem of homelessness. Our purpose is to put the humanity of unsheltered people in a new light…the light of black and white portraits that are made with collaboration and care to illuminate our shared humanity.  By broadcasting these striking portraits and personal stories, we hope to disrupt the negative stereotype of homelessness and inspire a compassionate community of people who will advocate for solutions in their communities around the world.

You Can Help

If you are moved by the portraits and stories we post, please share the posts with your followers and friends. You can also send the posts to your elected or appointed officials.  If you are a photographer, you are encouraged to work with the unsheltered, give them a portrait, try to get their story and let us curate your work onto the site.

Contribute portraits and stories

We feel that black and white brings more focus to the subject.  We would like a few paragraphs that give the portrait some context. 

We’re not promoting images of misery and destitution.  We are instead looking for dignity, warmth and love that survives horrible conditions and circumstances. We want viewers to see themselves in the face of the unsheltered.  

We require a copy of photo release with the images and stories submitted.  Something simple will do. Just send a jpeg copy with your submission. Download our sample release form here.

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Our mission

Create portraits that emphasise human dignity.

E. Freeman

Advance the understanding of the harsh realities our neighbors face.


Provide possible solutions and share available resources.

R. Sadler

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